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Video Door Bell FAQs
General Queries
What is QUBO Video Door Bell?
QUBO Video Door Bell is a Video Door Bell which can be used for surveillance. Its AI features such as Instant Visitor Video Call, motion detection, person detection, can be used for Outdoor areas. This device works with Alexa & Google Home Assistant i.e. you can see Camera live feed on Alexa/Google Home display devices
Where is the MAC Address or QR code on QUBO Video Door Bell?
It’s below the device and the mac address is on app. Go to hamburger menu and Click on ‘My Devices’>>Video Door Bell settings>> Device. By clicking on Device, you will get the mac address of the device
What is the operating temperature recommended for the Camera?

0 – 50 degree Celsius

Does this product have in-built battery?

No, Qubo Video Door Bell doesn’t have in-built battery.

Does QUBO Video Door Bell have any power backup so it can work when there is no electricity?

Qubo Video Door Bell only works with direct 220 AC power supply.

How can view my recordings for specific date?

You can view past Events by using a calendar provided on screen then select the date for the recordings/Event you are looking for.

Can I check my Wi-Fi Signal Strength from Qubo App?

Yes, you can check Wi-Fi Signal Strength from your Qubo App. Select Video Door Bell Settings >> Wi-Fi Settings, you will see the signal strength. Device works best once the signal strength is excellent.

What is Timeline Scrubber, what is the use of it & what does color code represent.

The timeline scrubber is a timer with a line that indicates a point in time in the scene. You can drag the time scrubber along the timeline to jump to a specific time in the scene/video. Color Code represent the video saved. i.e Green Color represent that Videos are saved in SD Card, Blue color represent that videos are saved on Cloud and White represent that no recordings has been done for that particular time.

How to search specific Event recordings?

You can just click on search option on the right side of App screen. There you can select the event which you are looking for than follow instructions.

How can I download and delete the recorded files?

Once you select the event click on Downward arrow Icon so that download can be done. For deletion you just need to click on Delete Icon.

Is it waterproof/Weather resistant?

QUBO Video Door Bellis weather and water resistant and can be used outdoor or Indoor.

Connection and Commission
Does QUBO Video Door Bell support Wi-Fi Dual Band networks?

No, this device works only on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

Can I pair/commission QUBO Video Door Bell with my mobile using a mobile data connection and hotspot?

The device can be commissioned using Mobile Hotspot but it performs best with a stable 2Mbps network. Hence, it’s advised to switch to a Wi-Fi network once it is commissioned.

Make sure you are using a hotspot from another mobile. Device shall not be commissioned If you are using the same mobile through which you had given the hotspot.

What if there is no audio instruction on how to pair/commission after boot-up camera?

Check if Led is blinking/Steady on Video Door Bell. If its LED is steady, press the reset key for 10 seconds below the device with Reset Ejector PIN and wait for LED led blinking stage along with the Audio to set it to commissioning mode.

How can I change Wi-Fi details in an already commissioned/paired camera?
  • Go to app settings and scroll down to “Wi-Fi update”.
  • Press the reset button for 2 seconds and release.
  • Once the LED starts blinking on the device, now choose the Wi-Fi network to which you want your device to be connected.
  • Scan the QR code, after that and wait for around 10 seconds for completion.
How close must the Qubo Video Door Bell be to my internet router?

The range of distance of the Wi-Fi signal is determined by your router. We recommend keeping the camera within 30 feet (10 meters max.) of your router. It should be within the 10meters range without any wall or object. This distance can vary depending on obstacles such as concrete or stucco walls, metallic barriers, or other interference.

Can I use range extenders to help improve or extend my connection?

Range extenders can be very useful in obtaining suitable Wi-Fi signal strength at longer distances. Please refer to the range extender's manufacturer user guide for setup and usage assistance as Qubo team is unable to directly support these devices

Can I connect the doorbell to a mobile broadband device?

Yes, but keep in mind the internet usage so as to not incur additional costs

Is it possible to connect without Wi-Fi?

No, it is not possible to connect Qubo Smart Video Door Bell without Wi-Fi.

Will it record the videos without an internet connection (during outages)?

In case the internet is down it will store the recordings in SD Card and as soon as device gets internet it will push data from SD Card to Cloud subject to the subscription.

Qubo Account, Access to Device, Installation and Reset
How can I share access for my Video Door Bell to other members?

By sharing login credentials of QUBO app. We suggest to not do Sign-in with Google/IOS if you plan to share your login credentials, because Login over an Android phone using google ID may sync up all your phone contacts to another phone.

Can the other member remove or delete my device?

Yes, as simultaneous logins have the same rights.

Is there any limit on no of members I can add?

As per Gold subscription plan you can share your credentials with up to 3 users for simultaneous logins.

If I have multiple devices configured, can I give specific device’s access to specific members?

No, as simultaneous logins have the same rights.

Can I use my device with another QUBO Account?

Yes, but you must remove the device from the previous account first and then reset the device. After that you shall setup the device with another Qubo user account.

What if I am not able to register a purchased VDB with my login account (after logged in)?

Please follow the instructions on the app for the commissioning of the device. In case of any issue persistence, please connect with our Customer Service @ 1800 572 5757.

How do I remove QUBO Video Door Bell from my account?

Click on the Settings Icon on the top right corner of your Qubo app and select Remove. Refer to the screenshot below screenshot below

How do I Re-set/Factory re-set my QUBO Video Door Bell?

Follow the below procedure:
Hard reset

  • Switch off the Tamper Alert for Video Door Bell from Qubo App.
  • Open Video Door Bell from upper screw.
  • Use Reset PIN and Press reset button provided below the device
  • Press it for 10 Sec.
Please note, factory reset will make your device into its original system state by erasing all the previous information stored on the device in an attempt to restore the device to its original manufacturing settings.

Can a single user connect/commission more than one QUBO Video Door Bell?

Yes, you can commission multiple Video Door Bells from a single account and App.

Why is my QUBO Video Door Bell Offline?
There can be multiple reasons that your VDB becomes offline. Below are some conditions:
  • Poor Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • No Power/Electricity
  • Loose Adapter Connection
Is the Smart Video Doorbell compatible with my current installation?
The Qubo Video Doorbell is specially designed to replace your existing doorbell button. Your current installation must therefore include a wired doorbell and chime. This is because the Smart Doorbell uses the existing wires to run on and rings new chime. The Smart Video Doorbell works with wireless doorbells running solely on batteries.
How should the Smart Video Doorbell be positioned?

The Smart Video Doorbell is designed to replace your doorbell button, without changing its location. If, however, you are installing a doorbell for the first time, we recommend that you install it near your front door, around 1.4 meters from the ground.

I have an intercom; can I replace it with the Smart Video Doorbell?

No, the Smart Video Doorbell is not compatible with intercom systems because it is intended to replace an existing wired doorbell. Intercom systems have completely different electrical functions and installation types from wired doorbells.

Can I install the Smart Video Doorbell myself without needing professional help?

Yes, the Smart Video Doorbell is designed to be easy to install yourself. However, if you are not comfortable with the idea of touching your electrical installation, you can always call out an electrician to install your Smart Video Doorbell.

Why don’t I receive notifications from QUBO Video Door Bell?
There could be multiple issues. Below are some of them:
  • Device is in offline mode may be because device is switched off or there is no internet connectivity
  • Poor Internet connectivity on mobile,
  • Notifications are set to Mute in the Android/iOS mobile setting
  • If the Qubo App notifications are disabled from android/iOS for specific device.
  • If the Qubo App Notifications are disabled from Android/IOS Settings.
Camera Centric
How does QUBO Video Door Bell Record Video?

QUBO Video Door Bell records video clip only if it detects motion or person or in case of Door Bell Press, so that you are not flooded with hours of video recorded data and can just browse through meaningful video clips. You can select if the camera shall do recording for either motion, Person detection or Door Bell pressed. Motion detection also records person detection & Visitor press doorbell events.

Why is my QUBO Video Door Bell Video in Grey Scale?

This means Night vision is on. The camera automatically switches to Night Mode depending on the lighting conditions

Sometimes at night or in the early morning the image from my doorbell is a little cloudy or blurry, why is that?

Although IP65 weatherproof, the outside of the doorbell is still subject to frost, ice and dew when out in the open air. We recommend you install under some sheltered location where possible but if this is not suitable for your location simply aiming the doorbell to look a little downward can stop moisture from settling on the doorbell lens.

What is the angle of view of the Smart Video Doorbell?

The Smart Video Doorbell's angle of view is 140° diagonals.

Why can't I watch live?
Make sure both VDB and mobile are connected to the internet. In case the Bell is offline, please check the internet connectivity on both camera and mobile. We recommend Internet speed should be at least 2Mbps for proper downloading and uploading.
Why is my QUBO Video Door Bell Picture not clear?
  • Check QUBO Video Door Bell lens for dirt, dust, spider webs, etc. Clean the lens with a soft and clean cloth. Do not use harsh cleaners or aerosol cleaners that may harm the lens.
  • Make sure the QUBO camera is not too far from the router. Also, check for downloading and uploading speeds are more than 2Mbps on mobile and camera respectively
Why my QUBO Video Door Bell picture is too Bright?

Check if the QUBO camera is facing directly at a source of light, such as the sun or a spot light

Which Video Resolutions are supported by QUBO Video Door Bell Camera

2MP Camera with 1080p for high resolution video recordings and 480p for lower resolution images

Is the device a stationary product or portable product?

The device is portable from size perspective, from usage perspective, it’s a stationery product because it needs power supply.

Does it record 24x7 like CCTV i.e Can we record continuously through this device?

By Default, the video recording by the Qubo Smart Video Door Bell happens when there are intelligent triggers based on Instant Video Calling, Person detection, Motion based detection There is option for Continuous recordings under recording settings, Device supports Continuous recording only on SD Card.

Can the Smart Video Doorbell recognize me or my friends/family?

In order to protect the privacy of your visitors, the Smart Video Doorbell does not use facial recognition because this technology uses private biometric data that require the agreement of the people filmed or recorded. Since the Smart Video Doorbell is an outdoor product, it is more difficult to obtain and manage this agreement than for an indoor product.

How far away can the Smart Video Doorbell detect people?

The Smart Video Doorbell detects people from around 4 meters away (day and night).

How does the surveillance work?

The Video Doorbell keeps an eye on your front door day and night. When it detects someone approaching your front door, it records a video and alerts you directly on your smartphone, even if the person has not yet rung the bell(This happens when recording trigger is set to Person Detection). When someone rings, you are informed on your smartphone and can choose to accept or decline the video call. If you take the call, then you will be able to see and speak with your visitor. All recorded videos are accessible from the mobile application.

What is the range for 2-way talk? Can I converse across 2 distant locations like home to office?

There is no defined range for 2-way talk. With a strong internet connection, 2-Way talk can work seamlessly.

Routines/Use Cases
Does QUBO Video Door Bell have an audible alarm or siren? When/how is it activated?

Yes (Trigger Alarm). When Video Door bell is tampered, siren & chime automatically plays.

When QUBO Video Door Bell senses motion how will it notify me?

Whenever there will be any motion detected using Edge AI on the camera feed, the VDB will start recording and notify you on the QUBO mobile app with a notification.

How do I know QUBO Video Door Bell is in Normal or Night Vision?

It will be in Grey Scale in night vision & colored in normal mode

What are the advantages of Instant Video Calling?
It improves connectivity with visitor when you are not at home & Your main door is secured from intruders.
How does QUBO VDB is useful for me and my family?
  • You can monitor your Main Door via 24*7 live feeds to your connected device
  • You can trigger alarm remotely
  • You can use zone fencing for safety & security of your car
  • Two-way audio enables you to talk to your family members by pressing push to talk button
Can I save my videos on cloud free of charge or is it chargeable? What is the monthly fee?

Yes, you can save your videos on cloud. For more details on subscription plan logon to

How about after sale service?

The device comes with a 1-year warranty. Please feel free to call us at Toll free no 1800-572-5757 for further assistance.

How do I download QUBO Camera App from Play store/Appstore?

Go to play store -> enter QUBO > click on that and install the application

Where can I see the videos?

User can see the Video/recording through the Qubo Mobile app.

Can I access my QUBO Video Door Bell through a web app from a laptop or desktop computer?

No, you can only access it through Mobile application of iOS or Android & Tablet.

What smart phone platforms does QUBO Video Door Bell support?

Android 8.1 and above & IOS 11 and above

How does QUBO Video Door Bell know when I'm home or away?
You can program it through modes available on Application. You have to apply routines as per the requirement. There are three modes available on the app:
  • Home
  • Away
  • Night Mode
Alexa/Google Assistant
Does QUBO Video Door Bell communicate with my Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa?

Yes, this device works with Amazon Alexa as well as Google Assistant. Some of the examples are:

Alexa, Show Camera (Name of the Video door bell)

OK Google, Show Camera (Name of the Video door bell)

What is the maximum size of SD Card supported?

QUBO Video Door Bell supports upto128 GB

Can I Connect HDD to QUBO Video Door Bell?

No, you cannot connect Hard drive to QUBO Camera

How many hours of recording shall be kept on SD card in High/Low resolution? (TBD)

By default, recorded content is stored in 480P (Low) resolution. Usually ~8 hours of recording takes 1GB. You can change from settings to 1080P (High) Resolution. Usually 2.5 hours of recording takes 1 GB

Where are my recordings stored?

If you have SD card, then video recording stores in both Cloud storage & SD card in parallel. If there is no SD card, then recording gets uploaded in the cloud. Once recording is full, the system purges older data and rollover the recording.

Is SD card provided with the QUBO Video Door Bell?

No, you can buy SD card and use it for recordings.

How long would my data be stored on the cloud?

It depends on your subscription plan. If you are on free subscription, once this is full, its start purging the old content and store the new content.

My SD card is not working; SD card is not supportive

On Application there is an option for format SD card, please format your SD Card.

Does it come with internal storage? Cloud storage means what exactly? Can we retrieve the video of the past when required?

Yes, you can expand the memory for storage up to 128 GB SD card. Cloud storage is a service model in which data is maintained, managed, backed up remotely and made available to users over a network.

You can retrieve your past Videos as per the data storage you have.

Does this camera record video? If yes, then what is the capacity of recording?

Yes, Qubo Video Door Bell Records Video. The capacity of the recording will depend on local storage (SD card capability) or cloud storage.

Where does Qubo Video Door Bell store the live recording? Does it have a built in memory card slot or built in memory?

Qubo Video Door Bell provides the option to store live recording either on expandable memory up to 128 GB SD card or on cloud.

Device’s Safety
How can I ensure the safety (precautions) of the device installed at my home?
  • Avoid keeping the device near wet surface/area like sink or Vase.
  • Please keep the device on flat, non-slippery surface (physical damage).
  • Use only dry cotton cloth to clean it. Do not wipe it with anything aggressive or harsh chemicals.
  • Do not expose it to steam or extreme heat or cold (0-50 degree Celsius). Do not keep it near any heat resource such as heater or stove
  • Use accessories recommended by QUBO only.
  • These products & services are not meant to be explored by anyone under the age of 18.
How to pair a chime bell with Qubo Video Door Bell
The chime bell is already paired with Qubo Video Door Bell. In case you need to pair the chime bell for some reason then use below steps:
  • Press the Auto Learning key
  • Press the Door Bell Button
  • The Chime is now Paired
How to UnPair the chime bell

To unpair chime bell, long press the auto learning key for 5 seconds.

How to change Chime Melody?

To Change the chime bell melody, press the melody selection key.

How to increase or decrease the volume of Chime bell?

As of now you could not increase or decrease the volume. However, you can change the melody of your choice using melody selection key.

My Chime bell is not working while pressing a Door Bell Button?

There could be multiple reasons. Please check below:

  • Check for batteries, replace them and try again.
  • Check if your device is paired with Door Bell
  • Check your app if the Chime is off from Settings