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The future of Home Automation &
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Experience a home that interacts & responds to your needs
as you like
Simply give a voice command or remotely control your lights & appliances via App
Smart Home
on One App
Build your smart home step by step with products which work together seamlessly
Personalize for
Set schedules, choose scenes, and control your devices, making your daily routine more efficient and convenient.
Control Anytime,
Simply make a voice command using Voice Assistants or remotely Control from anywhere via Qubo app.
Smart Home on
One App
Manage, monitor & control all Smart Home devices via one app for a seamless experience without the need to switch between different apps to make life Simpler, Smarter and Better.
Make your space Smarter & Convenient
Control your lights Hands-Free
Never leave anything running!
Turn the water heater off even if you've left for work with Qubo Smart Plug.
Save More on Security Bundles
Smart Bulb,12W/B22 and Smart Plug,16A
MRP 4,780
Regular Price 1,380
Bundle Price 1,330 (72% Off)
Smart Bulb, 9W/B22 and Smart Plug, 10A
MRP 3,980
Regular Price 1,230
Bundle Price 1,190 (70% Off)