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Tyre Inflator
How Does a Qubo Tyre Inflator work for Car?

First, plug the car tyre inflator into a 12V car socket. Most air pump for car has a long cord to reach the wheels. Keep the engine running to avoid battery drain.

Before starting, inspect the tyre. If the tyre has a major puncture, don't fill it because it won't hold the air. In this scenario, use a spare or call for help.

Connect the compressor's nozzle to the tyre's valve stem to inflate. Check connections before starting the compressor pump.

Turn on the car tyre inflator to inject compressed air. If you hear hissing, turn off the inflator and tighten the nozzle and valve stem. A hissing sound indicates a bad connection and an air leak.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Qubo Car Tyre Inflator?

Qubo car tyre inflator ensures safety in emergency situations. In a flat tyre situation, you don't have to wait on a deserted road. Qubo tyre inflator is small and portable. It is flexible as we can check tyres and inflate tyres anytime anywhere.

What is the power source for this tyre inflator?

This tyre inflator operates on both DC 5V and DC 12V power sources

Does it have a digital display?

Yes, it features a digital display that shows both pre-set pressure and real-time pressure readings, ensuring accuracy during inflation.

Can it be used as a power bank?

Absolutely, it comes with a built-in power bank with a capacity of 2 x 2600mAh, providing a convenient backup power source for your devices on the go.

Does it automatically stop when the desired pressure is reached?

Yes, it has an auto cut-off feature that halts inflation once the pre-set target pressure is reached, preventing over-inflation.

Does it have emergency lighting?

Yes, it comes equipped with LED emergency lighting, providing visibility and safety during night-time emergencies or low-light situations.

What smart modes does it offer?

: It offers five smart modes tailored for different applications: Bike, Motorbike, Car, Ball, and Manual mode for customized inflation.

Can I switch between different measurement units?

Yes, it allows you to switch between multiple measurement units including Psi, Kpa, Bar, and Kg/cm², catering to various user preferences and requirements.

What is the maximum air pressure it can deliver?

The tyre inflator can achieve a maximum air pressure of 150PSI, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of tires and inflatables.

What is the airflow rate of the pump?

The air flow rate ranges from 20 to 22 liters per minute, ensuring efficient and swift inflation.

How long does the built-in Li-ion battery last?

The built-in Li-ion battery has a capacity of 2 x 2600mAh/7.4V, providing a working time of 10-15 minutes on a single charge.

How long does it take to fully charge the tyre inflator?

The tyre inflator requires 2-3 hours for a full charge, ensuring minimal downtime between uses.

Is this tyre inflator suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

Yes, it is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, providing convenience and versatility wherever you need to inflate tyres or other inflatables.

What types of tyres can it inflate?

It can inflate various types of tires including those for bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and other vehicles, as well as sports balls and inflatable toys.

Is it compact and easy to carry?

Yes, it is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry in your vehicle or backpack for emergencies or travel.

What warranty does it come with?

The tire pump may come with warranty of 6 months