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What is a smart plug and how does it work?

Smart plugs are handy little devices. They install between the plug of an appliance and an existing outlet, throttling the power on and off to the device at the user's behest.

Can Qubo smart Plug be controlled from anywhere?

Once your products are registered in the Qubo App, all of our Direct Connect Smart Plugs can be controlled from anywhere right out of the box—with no hub needed. You can control individual products, multiple products by grouping them in the app, or customized scenes but make sure your plug should be power on from the Outlet

Do smart plugs use WiFi or Bluetooth when off?

Smart plugs are connected devices, which in normal commissioning mode, connected to Qubo Cloud via wifi. Qubo App in these cases communicates to the plug via WIFI.

In case the internet connectivity is down for the Plug, there is a backup mechanism via BT which can be used to connect and control the device. The app will auto prompt in case the device is not reachable via internet

Device can be totally controlled in a local and non-internet environment using BT only.

Does smart Plug need Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?

Since it uses wireless transmissions to send and receive their signals , we need wifi to operate the even through Qubo App but We have backup Bluetooth technology so the plugs can still operate in the event when Wi-Fi is down.

Do Qubo Smart plugs work with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands?

Qubo Smart Plug only work with 2.4 GHz but it is compatible with most routers that combine 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands into a single network.

Can I use Alexa or Google Assistant to set the timer & Schedule function of Smart Plug & Plug such as in the Qubo app?

Yes, you can set timer and schedule functions controlling the plugs via Alexa and Google assistant.

Can multiple plugs work with Alexa or Google Assistant?

Yes. Set different name for each smart device, then you can control them based on different name.

Can Qubo Smart Plug be controlled by multiple phones?

Yes, please login the same account associated with the Qubo Smart Plug on each of the phones.

Can Qubo Smart Plug/Plug work with Apple Home Kit?

No, Qubo Smart Plug/plug doesn’t support Apple Home Kit.

Does the Timer and Schedule function still works if internet connection (such as WIFI disconnect, etc) is down?

Yes, those functions will take effect even if the Smart Plug loses its internet connection.

What is name of APP used to Configure &Control Qubo Smart Plug?

Qubo, it can be download from Google Market and Apple Store.

How to reset Smart Plug?

Hold the button for 4 seconds, Blue light will be flashing slowly and it means smart plug is reset & ready to be added via the Qubo App. The device will keep blinking till the device commission is complete.