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Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser
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What sensors does the dispenser use?

The dispenser uses Infrared sensors built near the nozzle. When you place your hands close to the sensor, it detects your hand and triggers the soap pump to dispense the designated amount of soap.

How can you adjust the liquid soap dispense level in the dispenser?

You can adjust the soap dispense level in the dispenser by tapping the power button. Each tap is indicated by a white light flash. One flash sets it to the first level (0.8 ml), two flashes for the second level (1.6 ml), and three flashes for the third level (2.4 ml). The default level is the second one (1.6 ml).

How can you set the dispenser to produce bubble foam using ordinary liquid soap?

To create bubble foam, dilute ordinary gel/liquid soap with water in a 1:3 ratio. Stir the solution evenly to eliminate air in the pump, preventing blockages and ensuring proper foam generation.

How do you know if the dispenser’s battery is low?

Place your hand under the sensor area, and if the blue light flashes 5 times, it means the device has low power, and you need to replace the battery to continue using it.

Is the dispenser waterproof?

Yes, the device is IPX6 waterproof, making it suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens. However, avoid soaking it in water as it might damage the device.

What is the liquid holding capacity of the dispenser's tank?

The tank can hold up to 330 ml of liquid soap.