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Career with Qubo

With the well-known and trusted Hero name under our wings, we, at Qubo, wish to make India's connected homes the ideal solution for the time cruched, multi-tasking consumer of today. Led by a young and electric pool of engineers, innovators and artificial intelligence creators, we at Qubo are keen on creating intuitive Connected Intelligent Devices that entertain, care, assist, enable and protect in different ways.

What makes this such a great place?

Teammates that Inspire

Walk into a young and energetic space, where the brightest minds come together to brainstrom, research and create ground-breaking innovations. These innovations form the intel centres that hope to inspire and transform the lives of millions.

Thinkers of the Future

With a team of creative geniuses and associations with some of the most well known technology brands, Qubo gives you a playing field that is large, encouraging and adept at fostering pioneering thinking.

Meeting chaos with simplicity

It is a fast paced word, inhabited by multi tasking consumers. The Qubo team studies ways in which your life and relationships can be eased and made simpler. Offering it Connected Intelligent Devices to bring some well thought out order in chaos.

We want your genius!

What took you so long? Now that you're here, it's time to bring your positive and crazy to us and harness it into something bigger, better and more life changing. Drop your resume here.

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