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Smart Bike Cam FAQs
What is Smart Bike Cam Pro?
Smart Bike Cam Pro is a smart video camera for your Bike to record events happening on the road. Different Mounting styles for your handle and helmet. It helps you to provide evidence against accidents and incorrect challans.
Why is Smart Bike Cam Pro useful?
Bike Cam is useful as it provides video evidence in the below mentioned scenarios:
  • Accidents
  • Insurance Claims
  • Incorrect Challans
  • Journey Vlogging
How do I see MAC address and serial no. of Bike cam pro?
  • Tap on Device Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on Device
  • You can see MAC address and Serial no.
What are different mounting styles available?
For Helmet:

There are 4 Mounting options available- Top, Bottom, Left & Right

For Bike handle:

There are 4 options available- Top, Bottom, Left & Right.

How do I power ON/OFF my Bike Cam Pro?
Power ON/OFF of the device is done using the mounting clip. Putting on the clip turns ON the device and Removing the Clip turns it Off.
Does Bike cam pro need constant internet to work?
No, bike cam pro needs Internet only in the below mentioned scenarios:
  • During the Installation process because we need to link your account with the bike cam on our Cloud
  • If you change some settings and want it to sync with other devices.
  • If you want to remove the Device from your account.
How do I commission Smart Bike Cam Pro?
  • Open Qubo pro app
  • Tap on Add Devices
  • Scroll down and tap on Bike cam
  • Tap on Continue
  • Tap on Yes
  • Connect your phone with Bike cam Pro Wi-Fi, tap on open settings
  • Tap on Qubo Bike Cam Pro XX:XX:XX:XX and Enter password 12345678.
  • Open the application again and enter the details and tap on Continue
  • Once setup is complete tap on continue and Select the mounting type & wait for the device to configure
  • Tap on connect with bike and tap on join. Bike cam pro is successfully commissioned
What is the operating temperature of the Bike cam pro?
-10C to +50C degrees
How do I view battery status of my Bike cam pro?
Battery Status is displayed in the Bike cam pro dashboard.
What is the connectivity mode of Bike cam pro?
Wi-Fi 2.4GHz (802.11n) is the connectivity mode of Bike cam pro.
Is Bike cam pro equipped with GPS feature?
No, Bike cam pro is not equipped with GPS feature.
Can I remotely view the live feed of my Bike cam pro?
No, you cannot remotely view the live feed. You have to be in a range of 3 to 5 meters of the Bike cam pro to connect with it and see the video feed. Either the device is mounted on the clip, with enough battery or is powered on Via Type-C (mounted or not). These are conditions in which you can see. If you have added the device to Super saver, you need to remove and add on the clip and connect within 3-5 minutes or so, else the WIFI is cut-off to save battery
How to Reset my Bike cam pro?
When device is connected, Via application:
  • Tap on Device setting
  • Scroll down and tap on Factory Reset.
  • Tap on Yes
  • There will be a long BEEP sound and after that your device is reset.
When Device is not connected:
  • Power Off the Bike cam pro by removing the cam from mounting clip, put the cam back on the mounting clip
  • Wait till you see all the 3 LEDS (Blue, Red, Green) blinking together, exactly at that moment using the pin press the reset button in the reset slot for 10seconds
  • Wait till you hear a long beep sound after that with Blue LED
  • Your device is reset and ready for recommission
Is it compulsory to use the wire which came in box to charge my Bike cam pro?
Yes, it is recommended to use the same wire for charging as the device supports Type A to Type C cable type.
Does Device have a IP rating?
Yes, device is IP66 rated but the rubber slot has to be properly shut to make this happen.
RED LED is constantly blinking on my device?
This means that your device is not commissioned.
Can I mute/unmute audio of my video recording?
  • Tap on Device Setting
  • Toggle on/off Audio Recording
How do I view specific date event?
  • Tap on the Calendar icon
  • Select the Date on which you want to see the event.
How do I create Time-Lapse?
  • Tap on Time-Lapse icon
  • Select the Date & tap on Done
  • Wait for a minute for time lapse creation
  • Tap on the time lapse created prompt or Tap on the gallery icon to view your time lapse video recording
Can I change the mounting style of the Bike cam pro?
Yes, you can change the mounting style
  • .Tap on Device Setting
  • Tap on Select mounting style
  • Choose the mounting style and tap on continue
How do I check/update my Bike cam pro software?
  • Tap on Device settings
  • Scroll down and tap on Check for software
How to enable battery saving mode?
  • Tap on Device setting
  • Toggle on the Battery Saving Mode
  • Read the information and Tap on Ok
Can I delete event based recordings?
Yes, you can delete the event based recordings
  • Tap on the recording you want to delete
  • Tap on the Bin icon and Tap on Yes and again Tap on yes
  • Recording is Deleted
How I see/download Event video recording taken from my Bike cam pro?
Tap on Event video and it will start to play the event recording & To download:
  • Tap on Event video
  • Tap on download icon
  • Select the duration
  • Tap on Download
How do I see/download on demand recorded videos?
  • Tap on the Gallery Icon
  • Tap on Videos and Select the video you want to download
  • Tap on the share icon and tap on Save video
  • Click on OK and your video is downloaded in your phone gallery
How much storage does Bike cam pro supports?
Bike cam pro supports up to 1TB of storage via SD card as it does not have built in storage. C10, U3, V30, 4K UHD cards only these SD cards are recommended
Is SD card necessary for the device to record?
Yes, SD card is necessary for the device to record. (Also this device doesn’t have a cloud storage)
Can I view/format my SD card storage?
Yes, you can view/format the same inside the application
  • Make sure your device is on and connected. Tap on Device Setting
  • Tap on Storage
  • Tap on Format SD card and Tap on Yes
  • Your SD card is formatted
How can I see videos stored on my SD card on my Laptop?
Using a card reader plug the sd card on your laptop and you can access your files
  • Open Hero_IOT folder
  • Open folder (MAC address of your Device)
  • All your data is stored in 3 Folders :
    • Images
    • Recordings
    • Timelapse
  • All the Recordings/images are further stored Date wise
Will my SD card be auto formatted if my file type is not supported?
Yes, SD card is auto formatted if your file type is not supported.
My SD card is not working; SD card is not supportive
On Application there is an option for format SD card, please format your SD Card. C10, U3, V30, 4K UHD cards only these SD cards are recommended & also check if your card is duplicate or not.