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Enjoy Uninterrupted Wi-Fi even during the power cuts with the help of Qubo Mini UPS Plus – a power back-up for your Wi-Fi Router. Using the UPS with any device other than a WiFi Router may damage the device. To be used only with 12V WiFi Routers

What Makes us Unique?

Always PLUS in Performance

More than 4 Hours Consistent Battery Back-up

Qubo Mini UPS Plus is equipped with High Quality Batteries and Intelligent Battery Management System which prolongs the battery life giving you a longer power back-up.

Instant Switch-over during Power Cuts

Get a zero lag experience with Qubo Mini UPS Plus. In events of power cuts, there is an instant switchover without even the slightest delay.

DIY Installation & Compact Design

Qubo Mini UPS Plus is very easy to install. The compact design makes it ideal for any router and can be easily placed anywhere with the help of wall mounting hook provided at the back of the device.

Always PLUS in safety

Stay Connected. Uninterrupted

Why Settle for Ordinary when you have “PLUS” ??

30 Sec Installation

Promise of Excellent Qubo Service

Real People. Real Stories.

• Safety Protection (BMS+ OVP,OCP)
• On Mode, Green
• During Charging , Bright Green
• Plug and Play
250.00 gm
3x 2000mAh
Battery Type
Power Back up
Regulated 12V DC/2A
Additional Connector
Converter 1mm,3mm
In Box
Output Cable 2, Input Connectors 1, Screw with Wall Anchor 1, QSG 1 and Warranty Card 1
Compatible With
• Compatible with Devices of Voltage Rating 12V, Current rating ≤2A
• Airtel : AOT-4221SR, Huawei : ECOLIFE HG8145V5, Netgear: R6120, R6350, Tenda: AC10, TP Link: TL-WR940N, TL-MR6400,  Deco E4, M4, M5, M6, D-Link: DIR 841, 806, 615, 819, 825 DSL-224,  DIR-825, DSL 2730U, Archer A6, A7, C6, C7, C60, C80, MR200, AX 10, MR 600, Nokia: G-140W-C, 140W-F, G-2425G-A